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Fun Daily Sites For 04/19/2024

Random Acts Is here to inspire acts of kindness around the world both big and small.

Online Conversion Convert just about anything to anything else

More Quick Tips for Reducing Belly Fat Trying to get rid of belly fat. Here some more tips for you! Eat more potassium! Any drink high in potassium can help sweep away high cholesterol and fat..

Coupon Bunny Print coupons from manufacturers to use during your grocery shopping at your local supermarket.

Kurvy Celebrating the sexiest curvy women of the world!

Online Confessions Read and submit funny confessions online

Jason Voorhees Funny twitter feed from Jason Voorhees.

Refinery29 Delivers optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view to our audience of smart, curious, passionate women.

Funny Animal Compilation Funny video clips of dog, cats and other animals

Eye Exam A guy goes to his eye doctor for an examination. They start talking as the doctor is examing his eyes. In the middle of their conversation, the doctor casually says...

Pick Names We offer tons unique pet names for dogs, cats and many other pets. You can browse gender or species

Bustle Fashion An audience-first, personalized approach allows us to speak to the many or the few, united by a boundless curiosity about the changing world and our place in it.

Quickmeme Share & caption memes, and post anything you find interesting or that makes you laugh.

Wanted to use a proxy father The Jones didn’t have any children and decided to use a proxy father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Jones kissed his wife and said, “I’m off, honey. The man should be here soon.”...

Hottie Dating Directory Meet girls with the best dating sites on the net. Whether it be for a long term relationship or a short term fling.